“Ron is a fine songwriter and performer. His voice is robust and musical, and his accompaniment with octave-mandolin and guitar is satisfying.” Steve Gillette 



He is unparalleled as a songwriter, having crafted many unique songs which are truly original, with a knack for both commonplace events and unusual phenomena into memorable songs. One of his songs, “The Songs We Sang Together “ is becoming a world-wide folk Anthem. It has been embraced by various communities of folksingers, as it has wide appeal to anyone who has experienced the joys of sharing music with friends.” Bob Jordan 

“He’s been a quiet backbone of the local folk scene as a performer, a WCUW deejay and open mics and coffeehouses. Newcomers to folk sometimes have a hard time grasping traditional music’s value, but when it’s performed with Carlson’s liveliness and passion, if you’ve got any sense of love for a good song or tune, you can’t help but be pulled in.” Brian Goslow 

“Ron’s an excellent musician, singer and songwriter. At a Saint Patrick’s Day parade or the stage at Mechanics Hall, he’s always the same; confident, reliable, and really good.” Chuck Demers 

Out in the wild

New CD

The Procrastinator

The Procrastinator

Release concerts April 6 at the Grass Roots Coffeehouse, Northbridge, and May 5, at John Henry’s Hammer in Worc

The new CD is nearing completion, and I hope you can join me at one of these release events. 17 new tracks from songs begun 40 years back, and some in the last year or so.

 Then I can move on to the other 20+ songs I’ve yet to record.